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Pro Ambitions is a Boston based youth hockey development camp .We are the official camp of Hockey East, The Boston Bruins, Bauer and Gatorade founded by NHL player Jeff Serowik.  We specialize in youth hockey development and are the originator of game situational training, The Battle Camp. The  Battle Camp is for players aged 5-17. The morning skate session we will train all skill development: edge work, c cuts, push, pull, lateral skating, explosive starts and stops both forward and backward, stick handling, shooting, positioning and forward and defensive zone coverage. We put it all together in the afternoon on ice session in game situational battle drills. We train youth players how to battle safely and effectively and most importantly how to win their battles.  Every battle drill, we introduce a second puck and your skater will go back in immediately after the first battle is won or lost for a second battle.  We never want players to be intimidated by the battle camp. It is ok to lose your battles at the beginning of the week, by the end of the week we will get everyone winning their battles. Upper leveled players will battle with coaching staff.